Clock learning with Rika-Tika

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Rika-Tika is a preliminary demo version. Only part of the exercises are available. They are not feature complete and may contain bugs. When a new version comes online, it is likely that your settings will be lost.


Any visitor has one of 4 roles:

  1. Admin
    A person who maintains the Rika-Tika application.
  2. Supervisor
    A therapist or teacher. Each supervisor can change the exercise settings for his/her users.
  3. User
    A client or pupil. A supervisor has to add new user accounts.
  4. Guest
    Anyone who’s not logged in.

The home page

On the home page you can find links to all available demo exercise pages.

At the top left hand corner of each exercise page, you’ll see the Home button Home

This button allows you to return to the home page of the application.

The exercise pages

On each exercise page there is a New exercise button you can press to get a new exercise of the same type. With the Exercise Type 0 buttons you can choose a new type of exercise.

Settings by the supervisor

To change the settings for the user, go to the main page je and scroll down to Log inLogin as Supervisor. On the Supervisor page you can log in to change the settings on exercise or module level.

After you changed the settings, you can return to the home page by clicking on the Home link where you can choose a type of exercise.